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Smoked Peppers, Hammers and Knives!

Blacksmithing Forged Peppers sbk tools to make tools upstate south carolina WIP

I am loving this fall weather. Night in the 50-60's and the days are hanging around in the low 80's. It has made being in the shop so much more comfortable. The forge heats it up a bit, but being able to step outside for a break is fantastic. The name of the game right now is knives, peppers and hammers!

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The knives get bigger, tools being forged and hammers!

ARK Blacksmithing Brews DIY Shop Forged LUK tools to make tools WIP

I have been putting in serious hours in the shop, as hunting season is rapidly approaching. The weather has changed here from hot, humid and rainy to nice cooler and dry days. Need to get my self in gear for fall and winter as it is right around the corner.  Wrapping up some knife orders and adding the long awaited blacksmithing tools to the site have been the main focus the past few weeks. Hence, the lack of a blog post in over two weeks.

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Forged tools, Knife No. 99, 100 and beyond!

Anvil Available Knives Beer Blacksmithing BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers CCK datmascus Forged tools to make tools WIP

The summer heat is beginning to very slowly cool down, although the humidity and rain still in full effect, I've still managed to beat some steel and grind some knives.

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A week of forging in the SC heat and humidity.

Anvil Blacksmithing DIY Shop Forged WIP


 While I have spent the last few weeks deep into the knives, I decided this past week to reset and get the forge going again. I started with a goal to forge one new thing daily and also to get the coal forge going as well.

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Compact Carry Knives and More this week. Rucking, Fishing and Brews!

Available Knives Bass Beer Blacksmithing CCK Damascus datmascus Fishing Forged OGK WIP

 Busy, busy week. My fishing buddies are back to work, so that means I can get some work done. I had no idea that when they took a vacation it meant I was taking one too. However, it feels good to be back in the shop and getting some work done.


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