2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Smoked Peppers, Hammers and Knives!

Blacksmithing Forged Peppers sbk tools to make tools upstate south carolina WIP

I am loving this fall weather. Night in the 50-60's and the days are hanging around in the low 80's. It has made being in the shop so much more comfortable. The forge heats it up a bit, but being able to step outside for a break is fantastic. The name of the game right now is knives, peppers and hammers!

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Cooler days, more knives, and the Jam..

ARK Blacksmithing BTK datjamtho datmascus DIY Shop Garden Peppers tools to make tools WIP


I have got to enjoy a cooler past two weeks here in the shop, which has been very nice. Among the usual knives and forging of things, pepper season is here. So while I manage orders, I'll be switching gears a bit as I harvest from the garden of doom, begin to can the annual batches jam and dry peppers for the seasoning.

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American Rev. War trip, smoked peppers and grinding some knives.

battlefields Blacksmithing DIY Shop flintlocks Forged OGK Peppers Smoke Wagons smokepole WIP











Last weekend the family and I made the rounds to a few of the battlefields in the upcountry of SC that played an important part in the American Revolution.


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B.T.K. and Slicer, plus some forging. DIY Tools and more...

Beer Blacksmithing DIY Shop Man Skills Peppers slicer WIP

Another B.T.K. is finished. This one was a special order, so it's already sold. This one was finished with OD G10 scales and wrapped in a kydex sheath.



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Blacksmithing Class is next week, but some knives and Jam to leave you with.

BTK datjamtho GPK Patches Peppers WIP

The weekly blog post is here! I spend a lot of time in the shop and other places prepping for last night drop. I am blown away at the support shown by everyone this week! The post office trips where many and the shop time was plenty, thanks for a great week everyone!

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