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Blacksmithing Class is next week, but some knives and Jam to leave you with.

BTK datjamtho GPK Patches Peppers WIP

The weekly blog post is here! I spend a lot of time in the shop and other places prepping for last night drop. I am blown away at the support shown by everyone this week! The post office trips where many and the shop time was plenty, thanks for a great week everyone!
I am leaving tomorrow for a week to take the "Tools to Make Tools" 5-day class with Lyle Wynn, so I made sure to spend a few days this week beating steel to get a little bit of conditioning and the important calluses built up. I tried not to really make anything, but spent time just starting several projects that I will come home and finish after the class. Hopefully with the newly learned knowledge they will turn out great.
First shots with the bow for 2015 where sent into the target. I snapped my peep sight tubing, so it was the only group till I get the bow fixed and tuned. I am happy with this though, 35yds to kick things off.
This B.T.K. is almost finished. Bevels ground and ready for scales. Also batch 1 of Jam. Naga Morich's to begun the season.
This was Wednesday morning. Sheaths were molded and the prepping for Jam was in order. Peppers are everywhere and I've got to get the batches done before the peaches run out.
I hate doing Boltaron/Kydex.. It pains me to my inner being to make sheaths, although it's a necessary evil that must be done.
Jam is here! Making one batch with a select varieties of Peppers this year. Available now!
Order Below:
No. 57, B.T.K. is done and available!
WIP Thread: No. 57 WIP Thread
Buy Here: No. 57, B.T.K.
This G.P.K. with a "Harpoon" type swedge is available as well!
Buy Here: No. 56, G.P.K.
Some morale patches are up and available. Designed by some of the best makers in the Facebook and Instagram groups. Most are limited runs of 100pcs so get while you can.
See all the available patches here:
D2 Cap Maulers & B.O.C. Mod. II's are still available, along with a G.P.K. and S.P.K. knives. Bottle Poppers and Lil' Skulls are restocked as well.
**Please be advised all orders placed between 8/1/2015 thru. 8/9/2015 will be shipped on 8/10/2015, as I will be traveling to take a class this week and will be out of the shop.**

Keep in mind I've set up a  "donation" type item on the store for those who may want to support but sharp-stabby things are not their thing. Regardless if you help me fund my upcoming classes, new tools or my goal of a dedicated workshop you will receive something from me, be it a hand written thank you note, peach/pepper jam, patch or t-shirt, or something I forge... 

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