1/19/2022 - Currently working on orders placed after 12/23/2021.

Forging the Flintlock Combo Tool

A short photo board of how I forge the Flintlock Combo tools I offer. These are used with a flintlock or other black powder rifles and pistols. The pick end is used to scrape carbon and other debris as need, the screwdriver is obvious in it's use, the hammer is used to drive pins and sharpen flints.

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2020! Pitter Patter...

Blacksmithing chisels forging press hand tools powerhammer punches ramblings tool steel tools to make tools

Well it's been quite some time since I last refreshed the old blog. With Facebook and Instagram, coming to the website to add content has been low on the list. Hopefully I can get back to adding some weekly updates here as well. Lets get back to rounding up the happenings in the shop here again!

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Finished up hammer and some other stuff!

Well we fared pretty well with Hurricane Michael, and just experience a little rain here in the upstate. Hope all those affected can bounce back from the effects of the storm. I've been hitting pretty it hard in the shop this week so i thought an easy night would be nice, but with the weather cooling off, it's time to get things in high gear!

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2lb Hammer and Drift progress!

Not a bad night in the shop! Got a hammer cleaned up and heat treated. Hammer eye drift forged on the new power hammer dies, and cleaned up a set of hand tools. Check the images for more info and some what what goes into it. Here is the hammer freshly forged!

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Flintlock Combo Tools, Coal Rake and More!

Fun night in the shop last night at Water Oak Forge. Worked on forging out some hand tools but also mixed two new projects in. Started a coal rake that I will be making a handle for later in the week. Not sure how I’ll join it together but should be fun figuring out, rivers might be a plan. Also forged a little flintlo...

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