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Forging the Flintlock Combo Tool

A short photo board of how I forge the Flintlock Combo tools I offer. These are used with a flintlock or other black powder rifles and pistols. The pick end is used to scrape carbon and other debris as need, the screwdriver is obvious in it's use, the hammer is used to drive pins and sharpen flints.

I start with a length of 4140 and size it to 3/8" square stock.

At this point the bar is rough forged and can begin to shaped into the tool.

Forge a taper at one end. I started this with a square taper to a small point.

Round that taped and refine the point.

Made the first bend giving yourself about 4" of material on the tapered end.

Upset the bend to form a hammer face. Tune and refine the shape as needed.

Using a vise, create the second bend to 90 degrees.

Adding a twist here is a simple thing to do.

I bend the pick end slightly.

Using a hot cut or bandsaw but the remaining length off parent stock.

Forge a screwdriver taper.

Grind the pick and screwdriver end to shape and heat treat, temper and polish back up.

Simple and useful thing to forge that is extremely popular with hunters and living history reenactment actors alike.

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