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Back in early September of 2013, I was challenged by a friend who is a full-time knife maker to "Just make your own damn knife" after giving him a hard time. I did not take him seriously at first, but weekend of boredom and just looking at what some people where able to make out of some steel just intrigued me and I set out on this adventure.


With two simple designs settled on and a garage full of simple tools I spent two weeks seeing what I could accomplish. My first two knives where nothing pretty, but considering the experience I had, I was content with what I was able to grind out of two pieces of steel. From that moment on I was pretty hooked and spent the next few weeks reading more and pestering other knife makers with all sorts of questions as I wanted learn.

It has been over a year from those first few knives and I feel I have grown as a learning knife maker, if that what I am to be called these days. I still feel I am learning and spend much of my time still pestering those same knife maker who have years of experience hoping to soak all the knowledge up they are willing to offer up. The hand filing of bevels and cutting blanks out with an angle grinder are gone, as a belt grinder make quick work of those tedious tasks. New tools and techniques seem to fill the shop as each new knife is completed.

I look forward to continue on making knives and learning more about this art. Sometimes I like to spend my days brewing up some beer, riding my BMX bike or spending hours on end learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so it is always a struggle to stay ahead. I appreciate your interest in my work and hope you like what you see.

Thanks for your support. - J. Gamez.