8/15 - Orders through WOF 3106 are in production will ship on 8/18

2lb Hammer and Drift progress!

Not a bad night in the shop! Got a hammer cleaned up and heat treated. Hammer eye drift forged on the new power hammer dies, and cleaned up a set of hand tools. Check the images for more info and some what what goes into it. Here is the hammer freshly forged!

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Flintlock Combo Tools, Coal Rake and More!

Fun night in the shop last night at Water Oak Forge. Worked on forging out some hand tools but also mixed two new projects in. Started a coal rake that I will be making a handle for later in the week. Not sure how I’ll join it together but should be fun figuring out, rivers might be a plan. Also forged a little flintlo...

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Tool & Effect with Hand Punches, Chisels and Fullers

Blacksmithing hand tools tool and effect tools to make tools

It's been a rough last couple of years on my personal set of hand tools. I am rough on them, and students don't do them any favors during classes either. Although they have worked extremely well and help create thousands of items in the shop since I made the original ones when I took "Tools to Make Tools" in 2014.


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Making Tongs and the Beginner Blacksmith.

A thought on tongs for a 1st project. I offer this advice up quite often so take it however you wish. What are tongs to a blacksmith? Well, they are a tool that aids us in holding material. Tongs are usually meant to hold specific sizes and shapes of material in a specific orientation, although some variation in all these can be found. You're not gonna hold a 1/2" round stock in a pair of 1/4" flat jaw tongs very well. Tongs are the killer of the blacksmiths budget in my opinion. A few hammers can do everything we need,...

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It's been a great fall in the shop, lots of mashing steel and making friends.


This fall has been a blast. The shop has been busy with orders and people stopping by as the weather began to turn. Knives, tools and much more has been happening and it's been such a fun time.

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