2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Tool & Effect with Hand Punches, Chisels and Fullers

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It's been a rough couple of years on my personal set of hand tools. I am rough on them, and students don't do them any favors during classes either so they were in need of a refresh this weekend. Although my old set worked extremely well and help create thousands of items in the shop since I made the original ones when I took "Tools to Make Tools" in 2014.


Recently I began to gift some of my older ones to my strikers, so making some new ones was definitely in order. When making the new ones, I decided I would also update my "Tool & Effect" tokens I created last year as well. These tokens allowed a quick visual reference to show the impression or effect each tool would produce. Below you find those new tokens, along with some other information about the line of hand punches, chisels and fullers that I forge for use by blacksmiths and metal workers.

I forge these tools out of O1 Tool Steel, which is an oil quenching steel that is a carbon/medium chromium alloy that makes for a durable tool. That are 5/8" in diameter with a forged striking end and measure approx. 7.25-8" in length depending on the style. These tools are forged, normalized, ground and have an oil black finish. The chisels are hardened and tempered allowing for marking layout lines on cold mild steel.



These tools are designed for use on HOT steel. Keep Your Tool Cool and work piece hot. Hit, get tool off the working piece and cool in a non-petroleum based oil, such as Peanut or Canola oil, and repeat till the desired impression or effect is achieved. If it's tool is used excessively and has become hot to dull orange or red heat allow tool cool to black heat before cooling in oil. Dress the striking and working ends as needed. Use a 120 grit sanding belt to sharpen or dress tools. Always wear eye protection, heavy duty apron and thick leather gloves with working with hot steel.


Blacksmith Chisel, Curved Edge

 Blacksmith Chisel, Straight Edge

 Blacksmith Slot Punch, Thin Stock

Blacksmith Slot Punch, Thick Stock

 Blacksmith Square Punch, 1/4"

 Blacksmith Round Punch, 1/4"

 Blacksmith Ball Fuller, 5/8"

 Blacksmith Ball Fuller, 1/4"

 Blacksmith Fuller, 1/4"

 Blacksmith Fuller, 1/8"

Blacksmith Fuller, Tapered/Teardrop

 Blacksmith Fuller, Edging

 Blacksmith Eye Punch, Standard

 Blacksmith Eye Punch, Square

 Blacksmith Eye Punch, Round

Blacksmith Center Punch, 1/4"

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