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It's been a great fall in the shop, lots of mashing steel and making friends.

This fall has been a blast. The shop has been busy with orders and people stopping by as the weather began to turn. Knives, tools and much more has been happening and it's been such a fun time.

Meet Laura, she stopped by to make a knife and did a great job. One of the most fun classes in the last few months. She has since been back to make a few more knives and I hope the best for her as she continues on her knifemaking adventure.


The tools are getting more and more refined as I go. When I started this, I was told to "Make something 100 times to get better". I've certainly passed that 100 mark on many of these and I will say that with each one, the process becomes easier and smoother.



Daniel after a hard day of listening to my bad jokes, as he learned to forge his own hammer. He left with a nice rounding hammer.



A new style fuller I have been using made it's way into this set.  I enjoy trying new things from time to time.



The business end of a days worth of swinging a hammer at the anvil.



I like making hammers, but I enjoy showing others and helping them make their hammers. Tommy and his 2.5lb rounding hammer he forged taking my Hammer Making 101 class.



A friendly writing spider I encountered out and about. Pretty interesting little creatures. I don't mind them so long as I don't walk into their webs on accident and break out into a kung-fu fighting episode. 



B.T.K. Mod. III in D2.



Fatty S.W.K. in D2, available here:




A cleanly punched hole is a satisfying thing. Keep your tool cool, material hot, listen and feel for the slug to bottom out, flip it over and find the scab, and whack away!



These where the first two openers I've forged in a while. Felt good to do some fun projects between tools runs and classes.



Ryan from Rex3xtreme Knives stopped in the shop to make a hammer for use in his fine cutlery he forges out of NC. Check him out!



Well that is a wrap on this one. Hope everyone is gearing up for winter and has a great end to the year! Keep mashing that steel!





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