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Finished up hammer and some other stuff!

Well we fared pretty well with Hurricane Michael, and just experienced a little rain here in the upstate. Hope all those affected can bounce back from the effects of the storm. I've been hitting pretty hard in the shop this week, but with the weather cooling off, instead of taking it easy, it is time to get things in high gear!

Round die of the hammer cleaned up after hardening, tempering and oil blackening.

The flat die.

Before the storm last evening, the could and wind rolled in, but stayed brunt of the storm stayed south of us.

I stumbled up a patch of these tasty mushrooms, hopefully they will be there over the weekend and I can gather some up.

16pc set as forged. Check the pics and more details on these at the link below.

Water Oak Forge 16pc Punch, Chisel and Fuller Set

This was everything I got done last night. See my whole collection of Blacksmithing Tools at the link below.

Water Oak Forge Handmade Tools for the Blacksmith

Tool and Effect of the "V-Tip" style slot punch. These create an oval shaped hole in thicker material, up to 1" or more if you keep the tool cool as you work.

Water Oak Forge Blacksmith Slot Punch, Thick Stock

Latest 2lb rounding hammer finished up and available!

Water Oak Forge Rounding Hammer, 2LB




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