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2lb Hammer and Drift progress!

Not a bad night in the shop! Got a hammer cleaned up and heat treated. Hammer eye drift forged on the new power hammer dies, and cleaned up a set of hand tools. Check the images for more info and some what what goes into it.

Here is that hammer as it was freshly forged! Matt, my regular striker and I had a great time making this one.

1”, 1.75” and 10 degree tapered fullers are ready for welding. Need to drill the plates and then tack it all together on the hammer. Then run a solid bead to secure them and they will be put to use.

Round die. These start from 3 3/8” long billets of 1.75” diameter 1045.

Flat die of the 2lb hammer. 1045 carbon steel.

I forge as much of these as I can, although they do need a quick hit on the grinder to finish shape them. 50grit or 80grit then polished on a medium conditioning belt.

The various tool ends. Punches chisels and fullers.

4140 hammer eye drift forged from 1” round stock that was 12” long and ends up right at 18” after the taper is drawn out.

Hardening a 2lb hammer. Heating the faces to an orange with no shadow and then quenching in water.




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