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Flintlock Combo Tools, Coal Rake and More!

Fun night in the shop last night at Water Oak Forge. Worked on forging out some hand tools but also mixed two new projects in. Started a coal rake that I will be making a handle for later in the week. Not sure how I’ll join it together but should be fun figuring out, rivers might be a plan. Also forged a little flintlock rifle combo tool. Always wanted to make one but just know got around to it.

Not a bad haul after 3-4 hours of fiddling around.

Usual tools, as forged. 5/8” O1 Drill Rod.

Flintlock Combo Tool. Incorporates a small crude knapping hammer for keeping flints sharp, a flathead screwdriver and a pick for cleaning the vent hole of a black powder rifle. Made from 4140 3/8” stock. Pretty straight forward in execution. Pick taper, bend on itself, bend screw driver part, twist and forge the flathead taper.

First half of the coal rake. Started as 12” of 1/4x3/4 cold rolled 1018. Pinched about 3” of the end to separate the shaft from the tool head. Then drawn out to shape. The tricky part was figuring out the order to bend the tool head

I’m a huge fan of the Halloween season, so tonight while I was cutting steel for tools I forged up a round of skulls.

Messing around between hammer heats and forge a bottle opener.

Check out more openers here:

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3.5lb rounding hammer finished up. Striker and director forged with a sledge, brute force and laughter.

1.25” round drift. Forged by hand. Didn’t have the power hammer when I started this one, just the 4.5lb rounding hammer. Good times!

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