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2020! Pitter Patter...

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Well it's been quite some time since I last refreshed the old blog. With Facebook and Instagram, coming to the website to add content has been low on the list of things to do. Hopefully I can get back to adding some weekly updates here as well, as this is my corner of the internet. Lets get back to rounding up the happenings in the shop here again, right now!


Forging some 4140 into a hot cut. This one is destined for a 1.25" hardy hole, so 1.5" stock is what I started with. Forged a taper on the power hammer and punched the waist on the press.



It fits snugly in the 1" hole on my striking anvil but sits much higher.



Rough forged hot cut, 2.5lb hammer and some other billets ready for the next run of hammers.



All finished up! I offer these in stock sizes to fit both 1" and 1.5" hardy holes.

Order yours here:




2lb "FIY" Hammer in the works. Added a bit more forging to these smaller heads this time around. Had fun making it on the press.


Added some trough lines to add some separation of the faces from the body of the hammer, not sure I'll do them all like this for the 2lb, but this one is pretty cool. 



The "Finish It Yourself" Hammer Kits are available and come rough forged, meaning all the hard forging work is done. The customer will need to grind the faces, heat treat and handle it to have a functional tool. An affordable way to get into a high-quality hammers for a great price, if you are willing to do some of the elbow work. I offer there in 2/2.5/3.5 weights.

Order one here:



A 2.5lb hammer as forged off the press and power hammer. This one I made 100% on my own. My striker got to stand there and watch me work for a change.



Hammer is heat treated and some punches fresh from the oil. Some light grinding and these will be finished up in short order.



A small run of punched finished up. The hand punched are in stock and available for ordering at all times. 6, 10 and 16pc sets are on the website, and singles can be ordered as well. Made from O1 tool steel.



Lots in store for 2020, classes resume in late January. New tooling is arriving soon as well. I look forward to seeing what the year brings and hope you all follow along!





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