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American Rev. War trip, smoked peppers and grinding some knives.

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 Last weekend the family and I made the rounds to a few of the battlefields in the upcountry of SC that played an important part in the American Revolution.

Cowpens National Battlefield to start the weekend.

 Inside the visitors center they had a few arms of the revolution on display, I am a sucker for old smoke poles.

 We took the tour of the battlefield and I can't say enough how knowledgeable and friendly the guys there are. It was a surreal experience and I learned quite a bit. 

 This was in the museum at King's Mountain National Battlefield. Much like the small civil war one at the rest stop in Tennessee, this one is amazing.

 The monument at Kings Mountain.

 The names of the patriots who were wounded or killed fighting at Kings Mountain. The path and trail was full of things to see and an great trip.


The large HB Forge camp axes are sold out for now, I've got more on order but these take 8-10 weeks to ship. I do have a few small and mediums left.

Order here: http://jgknives.com/collections/h-b-forge-hawks 

The weather finally broke so it was time to pour some concrete! First order of business is to move these 80lb bags down the trail to the work site. 

 I rented a mixer and with the help of my friend Justin, we managed to get these poured in about 3 hours. Now hopefully the measuring and measuring again pays off!

 I've got two O.G.K. models on the bench in D2 to get doing, right now these are ready for HT and tempering. One is spoken for, but the other is available, contact me if your interested and I can let you pick the handle material still.

 A batch of peppers that got dried and smoked using a blend of seasoned oak and applewood. They have a sweet aroma, but I am sure they will still burn like crazy.

OGK's post hardening and tempered.

 The stash drawer of goodies. I try to keep a handful of items in stock and ready to ship at all times. Patches, Booster Blend Pepper Powder, Openers, and much more at JGKnives.com

Grabbing some coffee dump.

Wilmont Knives Bottle Opener Knife

Field Notes Notebook

Streamlight Pro-Tac 1L

Spyderco Folder

SOE Gear Card Carrier w/ AGSArmamant.com Patch.

Wolf Polyformance .223 ammo.

My son earned his Bobcat badge and Whittling Chip Card this week. He can now carry his custom Bradshaw Blades Mini-Fixed knife to scouting events. Very proud papa right now. He's really put a lot of effort since joining this year.

2015 Smoked Hot Pepper Booster Blend. Oak and Applewood smoked for a sweet/smokey aroma, scorched earth heat from the homegrown peppers. Only 13 tins available, order here: http://jgknives.com/collections/hot-peppers-such

First of this runs O.G.K. cleaned up and ready for bevels. 

The garden is still dropping peppers, and I am thinking of offering up Small Flat Rate Boxes of them till the end of the season. These will be very limited and available on a first serve/first come basis. Email me or message me on FB or instagram if your interested. 

Side on is almost done for this one. Do the other side and add the swedge and then clean it up and scales. Feels good to be back on the grinder. 

 Oh, wait.. More rain. We've had rain for the past 5-8 days off and on. It's been tough to get the forge going or work on the shop, but I appreciate everyone's support and hope to be back to full speed here soon!



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