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Smoked Peppers, Hammers and Knives!

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I am loving this fall weather. Nights in the 50-60's and the days are hanging around in the low 80's. It has made being in the shop so much more comfortable. The forge heats it up a bit, but being able to step outside for a break is fantastic. The name of the game right now is knives, peppers and hammers!



I have had a great group of strikers in the shop helping me out with the hammers. I love sharing what I've learned with others and seeing the reaction to the tools is a lot of fun. To me the coolest aspect of the hammers is punching that eye.



The classic style rounding hammer, taking shape.



It took a few Fridays, but Scott finished his knife. I think it turned out awesome and he laughed along the way. Typically, the knifemaking class I offer is done in one day, but we worked around his work schedule and he put in the effort to create his very own knife.



He also helping with swinging the sledge and help me forge out this beautiful hammer. It was his first time striking ever!



What better thing to do after a long day of grinding and forging than to split and stack a few weekend worth of fire wood.




Been hitting the trails again harder the past few weeks. I always try, but is doesn't always happen, to get a ride, run and/or ruck in every week. Typically, I get at least 2 of them in, but this ruck was a good one. 4ish miles out and back to Ravens Cliff Falls here in the foothills. My ole' Alice pack gets some funny looks, and a guy even offered up the advice of buying a lighter pack to save weight. His expression when I told him if I made it lighter, I'd need to carry 7 bricks instead of 6 was priceless.



This run is ready for bevels!



No. 100 is ground and ready for final finishing. Black G10 for the scales.



Rain, we had it all summer and like usual, complained but now it's drying out here and it seems the storms are hitting everyone but us.



This old brush has been a trooper, but I think she has sung her last song. RIP brush.



That stack of wood is already getting dug into.



2lb rounding hammer in a different style. Keeps the head more compact and stout. I think they look pretty darn good too.



Pepper season 2016 is rapidly coming closer to a close. I've smoked the last harvest and dried them as well. 20hours of a mix of maple, oak, and apple wood for a sweet savory aroma that will burn your taste buds soul. Don't miss out and order your tin here:




Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all. Hammer, tools and some lil' skulls just in time for halloween!

 Order a lil' skull and help me buy a new shop brush!




2lb rounding hammer with American Hickory handle is available here:




No. 100's B-side.



No. 104, SBK for an order. This one is getting some earth brown G10.



About as full flat grind as I go. Black and grey G10 for the scales. This one is available.



Knives and Tools, just like the sign says. It has been a long time coming to get to this point, but thanks for your support along the way everyone!




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