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The peppers have arrived, along with some knives..

GPK No53 NoNameKnife Peppers Slicer SPK WIP

Well the No Name Knife, which was No. 50 is finished and available!
This SPK in 5/32" O-1 w/ Black and Red layered Micarta is No. 53.
Buy here: S.P.K. No. 53
My hot peppers have finally caught up to the summer. After tweaking the soil and getting back on the right watering schedule they are putting out finally. Below we have a Naga Morich and a Trinidad Sunrise Pepper.
#dat'jamtho #soon
The look ahead before I shook off some Saturday laziness and got 50 and 53 done.
Bottom to Top: No. 54 Slicer in Curly Koa, 55 & 56 will be GPK models in G10. On the very top is a special project that was given to me after spending the day with Master Bladesmith Jason Knight to finish.
Friday I had the given the opportunity to spend the day at Jason's house and get a glimpse of how he does things. It was an awesome time. Thanks again Mr. Knight!
Here is a closer look at the Slicer, No. 54.
The Wilmont has gotten some extras and upgrades, most notable the small wheel holder it outfitted in a D-D Workrest. I can't enought good things about Don and his products. You can find him on instagram.

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