2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

So it begins... Summer and the knives with it that come with it.

Anvil Blacksmithing Bladesmithing datmascus DIY Shop Forged LUK NoNameKnife Slicer Thanks WIP


Summer has begun, but considering the temps here in the upstate of South Carolina, it began a few weeks ago. It has made for some sweaty days, but also some great times in the shop. Some knives are being made and items forged almost daily. Lots of cold beverages, although more water than brews, are being downed.

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Shop moving along, knives are getting done and the books are closed for a bit.

Beer Bottle Openers Damascus datmascus DIY Shop Forged Man Skills OGK Slicer WIP

Currently I am closing the "books" for the time being. You can contact me about a model, but with the orders I have and other knives to get done the lead times are beyond what I want. I've got some knives for the online store mixed in, so till the end of the year, keep your eyes on the store for any knives that may become available. I've got just about 25-30 blanks in the tub to get done.

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November is racing by, but some Slicers, LCK's and a few new models are coming along.

Damascus datjamtho Koa Slicer WIP

November is in full-effect here in South Carolina. The leaves are dropping and the days are much cooler. We have had rain for the past week or so, but things are still happening.

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October was a month of colds and few knives.

Damascus Slicer Squirrel! WIP

As fall winds down and the weather continues to cool, getting the kids to bring home a few colds has been the thing I have been battling most recently. I have been sick for most of the month, but did manage to get some work done.

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Slicer, Cap Mauler, plus BOC's in Damascus and Mokume!

DIY Shop slicer WIP

Weekend is here and I am starting off right.. Little something to wake me up to begin with. In reality these will be ground down into Hot Pepper Booster Powder or sold as whole pods here this week.

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