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Shop moving along, knives are getting done and the books are closed for a bit.

Beer Bottle Openers Damascus datmascus DIY Shop Forged Man Skills OGK Slicer WIP

Nothing like spending time around the fire pit. I think we're on the 3rd truck load of wood for this year. If it isn't raining, you can be sure that a fire is going.

The shop continues. My neighbors have really helped a lot. Getting the walls framed with 3 people went amazingly fast.

The first White Stone I've found. Well, this one actually came out of a case my neighbors bought, so I won't call this a win.

The walls are up and now for some bracing to get it sturdy. We got a small window before more rain was expected, so we were really racing to get as much done so the OSB decking wouldn't get ruined.

I somehow go stuck lifting all of the roof decking, felt and steel panels for the roof up there by myself. It took much longer, and man was I sore the next day. The roof is on there and after a long day of rain, no leaks popped up. WIN for this guy.

With the shop taking up most of my free time, getting into making knives hasn't been as easy recently. I did however get the first of the L.C.K. (Limb Chopping Knife) finished and ready to be mailed out to the guy who ordered it.

WIP Thread: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-65-limb-chopping-knife-l-c-k

After 5-6 long months. More 1084/15N20 billets have arrived. I hopefully have me enough to last until the next time they pop up available. I already have 3 blanks cut out to fill orders, but will be getting the rest sorted to make a handful of knives and a small run of Cap Maulers and B.O.C. Mod. II's before the years end.

The theme of the shop for the next couple of days is bracing. Here, there and everywhere.

My brand new DDI 47S in Multicam Green Cerakote with Magpul Flat Dark Earth furniture. Going to be doing a full review for AGS Armament's YouTube channel here in the coming weeks.

Since the last knife was done, time to get this Damascus Slicer going. Friday seems to be the day I grind most often, but I like what I get for the most part.

Black G10 for this one.

The first two blanks to come out of the dammy pile. I've got these two O.G.K. models to make for a regular and a S.P.K. that isn't shown.

Scales are glued on and some wet sanding to clean things up a bit before etching to reveal the pattern.

Sneak peak.

Still not all the way done, need to make the sheath and sharpen it. With the shop build taking up so much time, I'll take the one getting done and this one almost done for the week.

Currently I am closing the "books" for the time being. You can contact me about a model, but with the orders I have and other knives to get done the lead times are beyond what I want. I've got some knives for the online store mixed in, so till the end of the year, keep your eyes on the store for any knives that may become available. I've got just about 25-30 blanks in the tub to get done.

For whatever reason I fired the forge up late Friday night and decided to make a key chain opener. It really was something I just made up as I went along.

I'll get a few more of these made along with some other items to get the store stocked up for the holiday season.


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    Wonderful, beautiful work!

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