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November is racing by, but some Slicers, LCK's and a few new models are coming along.

Damascus datjamtho Koa Slicer WIP


November is in full-effect here in South Carolina. The leaves are dropping and the days are much cooler. We have had rain for the past week or so, but things are still happening. Today I'll be making the next and final round of Jam for 2015. Friday night at 9PM Eastern here:


With the shop build and trying to stay caught up on knives, the forge has been silent the past few weeks, but I fired it up to knock a simple opener out for an order that came in.

The first of the Limb Chopping Knife models is coming along. This one was an order for a customer. Hope to finish it this week and get it mailed off.

WIP Thread Here: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-65-limb-chopping-knife-l-c-k

Here is Mod. I of the L.C.K.

Another Damascus Slicer is also happening.

Right out of the oil after hardening, love getting a sneak peak of the pattern.

WIP Thread Here: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-66-damascus-slicer

Another first is the "Fighter" model. Not sure if I'll keep that name, but this was a one off blank I've been messing with for a few weeks now. This one is available and will be online when I finish it.

WIP Thread Here: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-67-g-f-k

The look ahead at the fun pile. Books are open and I am taking orders right now for the Holidays, but this is the pile I'll be mixing in.

GPK in D2

SPK in D2

Kitchen Cutter in O1

BTK in O1

LCK Mod. I in O1

Slicer in O1

OGK in 1084/15N20 Damascus

KSK in 1084/15N20 Damascus

GPK in O1

SWK in O1

Just a snapshot of the how I ended my weekend. Cider and Moonshine whle working on some videos for AGSArmament.com's YouTube Channel, which I am running. Check out the videos here: youtube.com/AGSArmament




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