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So it begins... Summer and the knives with it that come with it.

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Summer has begun, but considering the temps here in the upstate of South Carolina, it began a few weeks ago. It has made for some sweaty days, but also some great times in the shop. Some knives are being made and items forged almost daily. Lots of cold beverages, although more water than brews, are being downed.

Upcoming knife, yet to named.


The forged skulls are becoming a daily item it seems. Every time I made a few, I have to make a few more, I enjoy making them though. Fun project for sure. Get one here: https://www.jgknives.com/collections/jg-tools/products/lil-skull

 I have been making a few pry bars as well. For the time being these will be one off models just to keep it random. Some with pocket clips are on the bench, but this is the last one finished. I will offer these up on facebook and on my instagram as I complete them.

 Had a local kid, take a Knifemaking 101 class this past week. It turned out to be a great day, and after a long 13 hours, he left with his own knife. I have had people asking for this for a while and have done it informally for the past year, but I have decided to post them on the store now. Email for a specific date or check the store for dates. https://www.jgknives.com/products/knife-making-101

Here he is profiling his blank.

Ready for grinding.

 When Dillon was here, I forged a few items while we ate lunch and he asked if I could forge a knife. This was my second attempt ever.

 And my third.

 Fishing on the Keowee River in SC. Beautiful morning!

My neighbor and I usually fish for just about anything we can catch. Hybrids in the early morning, then bass and even a gar or two. I caught this one on a 4'8" ultra light rod, it was interesting for sure!

A slicer in the works and knife in for a new sheath.

 The "state of the bench"

 All sheathed up.

 No. 89 is done and already off to cut for its new owner.

WIP Thread: No. 89 Damascus Slicer

Two O.G.K. and a S.W.K. ready for heat. Skull keeping a watchful eye on things. 

 Morning ride around the country side. Snapped a shot of Glassy Mtn, as I rode by.

 120 grit manicure to keep my nails well kept.

 No. 90 & 91, a pair of O.G.K. are ready for cutting in the Volunteer state.

WIP Thread: No. 90 & 91 Damascus O.G.K.

 My work bench favorites. Bradshaw Basher, MR Mayhem Thingy, Hate Pig and my new Amicus.

Friday Grinds. SWK and LUK (available) in O1 tool steel.

 Father's Day by the creek with the family. Chau Ram County Park is a gem. Best 2.00 admission I've ever spent.


The work to my 100th knife is ongoing, but I should make it by the 4th, so stay tuned. A few knives between then and know will be available as well,



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