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October was a month of colds and few knives.

Damascus Slicer Squirrel! WIP

As fall winds down and the weather continues to cool, the kids to bringing home a few colds has been the thing I have been battling most recently. I have been sick for most of the month, but did manage to get some work done.

This Damascus slicer was a order from a customer. Going to get wrapped in curly koa.

Nothing like using a squirrel cooker for well, cooking squirrel. Not something I eat often, but I was out hunting and bagged my first southern squirrel. Had a very pork taste to it. Nothing like the northern ones I've had.

Always one of the most exciting parts is getting a sneak peak of the pattern after hardening.

Snagged a new rig to try out. Time to hit the range I guess. Love me some M4 goodness.

Recipe for some tasty...

1. Wrap hard boiled eggs in pork sausage and deep fry, ranch dipping optional.

2. Add home brew or other tasty beverage.

3. Enjoy.

No. 64, Damascus Slicer is finished.

WIP Thread: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-64-damascus-slicer

Another recipe for goodness:

Combine frozen apple juice and apple pie spices in pot, simmer for a bit and let cool. Mix with Everclear. Enjoy.

The first Limb Chopping Knife, or L.C.K. has begun. This was an order as well, but I am sure I will make a few to add to the store in the coming weeks.

Getting the HAM Radio out and testing a new antenna.

Once I beat my colds, I started to resume my usual hikes to the top of Glassy Mtn. Here is the view.

Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween this year.

Never really like doing Kydex, but my Bradshaw needed a new sheath. Wrapped it in Coyote, now to make some loops.

Spent last weekend camping with my son. He gathered the supplies to get the fire started. I enjoy seeing him grasp some of the skills I have tried to teach him.

771ft up hill with a 40lb ruck isn't fun to most, but I enjoy it.. Sometimes.

The road seems to go on and on. I prefer the trail as I can only see 10-20 of the trail ahead.

Rainy day a top the mountain.

Hopefully I get this one done in the coming week. Once that is done, a No Name Knife and another Damascus slicer is on tap to fill some orders. Need to get another run of BOC Mod. II's and Cap Maulers going.

Till next time. Thanks for the support and following along.



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