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Forged tools, Knife No. 99, 100 and beyond!

Anvil Available Knives Beer Blacksmithing BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers CCK datmascus Forged tools to make tools WIP

The summer heat is beginning to very slowly cool down, although the humidity and rain still in full effect, I've still managed to beat some steel and grind some knives.

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Damascus is back on the bench. Knives, openers and more progress on the shop!

BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers Damascus datmascus NoNameKnife OGK SPK WIP

A few H&B Forge Hawks are there, plenty of patches and for those who like hot stuff both Booster and Smoked Pepper Blends. Even some of my wife's awesome chapstick!

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Two knives and a mess of pocket tools post turkey day...

BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers Damascus datmascus DIY Shop Forged Man Skills NoNameKnife OGK WIP

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Our family took in a stray veteran who didn't have any local family to spend it with. Good times where had and I ate myself silly. Little progress on the shop, but not it is time to get back to a mess of knives and pocket tools.

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Bigger Knives and a Chewed Cap Mauler!

BOC Mod II BTK Cap Maulers NoNameKnife Patches WIP











After spending most of the week working on the run openers and such, it was time to work on some knives. I've got a pretty good pile of blanks started and decided I would work on the larger models in O1 to start.

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G.P.K. that is No. 55 is done! EDC Tools are up next and more Knives!

BOC Mod II Cap Maulers GPK OGK Slicer SPK WIP

A little look ahead at whats coming...

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