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Forged tools, Knife No. 99, 100 and beyond!

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The summer heat is beginning to very slowly cool down, although the humidity and rain still in full effect, I've still managed to beat some steel and grind some knives.

No. 99, and L.C.K. Mod. II in O1 tool steel is done. Took longer than I wanted, but here it is.

WIP Thread

Buy Here -  JG Knives No. 99 L.C.K. Mod. II


We took a trip to Indiana for a family members wedding, but on the way back stopped at the National Air Force Museum. If you've never visited there, I highly suggest it. Massive is an understatement, and the aircraft on display are amazing.


Got the last of these C.C.K. models finished up. The JG Knives CCK (Compact Carry Knife) is a small EDC knife. Simple design that is handy and capable of completing your daily cutting tasks.

  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Thickness: 5/32"
  • OAL: 5.125"
  • Blade: 2.5"
  • Kydex Sheath"

Available Here - JG Knives C.C.K.

 Material for the first of two striking anvils for the shop has arrived. The face is off getting the hardy hole machined in it, then it will be welded together. Once done, more tools and hammers will begin to be made. Hammer making workshop/classes will also be offered here in my shop.


Skulls. Made these with 3/8" material again. I switch from 1/2 and 3/8" from time to time. These I try to keep in stock and are a popular item, so they are pretty much always available. I'm working on a fixture to begin drilling a lanyard/key ring hole in them as well. 

Available Here - JG Knives Forged Lil' Skull



My son is out of summer camp and still has a week before school starts, so we've been venturing out and getting some man-adventures knocked out. We headed to the local range and slung some lead with the 22's. He had to Kentucky windage a bit, but he kept all this shots on a 8" target at 25yds. 



An order of hot cut chisels made to the customers specs, 12" in length from 5/8" O1 tool steel.



D2 Cap Maulers and B.O.C Mod. II's are available. Haven't made these in a while, but had some drop cuts left from the last run of knives, so I made a few.

Cap Maulers in D2

B.O.C. Mod. II's in D2



I'm ramping up the blacksmithing tools on the website. Soon I'll be offering various examples of tools that are made in the Tools to Make Tools curriculum. Here is a slot punch and a hot cut hardy tool. I started the hot cut almost a year ago, but  finally got it done. It is made from 1.25" 4140 and boy was it a pain to forge on my own. A power hammer would be nice.



A pile of simple forged bottle openers, most of this batch of shipped of to Indiana for busting open some good brews.

Available Here - JG Knives Forged Bottle Opener



First smoked pork butt for some BBQ sandwiches. Soaked in apple cider with a pinch of brown sugar. Rubbed with sugar, brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika and a bit of my own dry rub. Smoked at 210-220 for 10 hours and eaten in 15 minutes.



The humidity is brutal right now. Easily 10 degrees cooler than the past few weeks, but everything causes you to sweat. Swing hammer, sweat. Scribe knife profiles in steel, sweat. Open beer, sweat.



Been getting back to the craft brew the past few weeks, think I'll get the brewing equipment back out and refill the kegs in the cooler as well. Need a good Citra IPA and a Pumpkin Ale for fall.



Our second trip was at the local history museum before heading you Glassy Mountain for a hike. Here is the view from one of the lookout point along the trail.



The hot cut in the anvil. I'm going to refine these a bit before I offer them for sale, but this one I am giving away on my Facebook page.



The blank for No. 100. I started in the fall of 2013 and here I am in the fall of 2016 and my 100th knife is on the bench. This will be a one off and will be available in the next week or so. Not sure how I'm gonna finish it just yet, but I got some plans in mind.



Knives 100 thru. 103 for custom orders.

No. 100!

No. 101, SWK,

No. 102 Dammy BTK

No. 103, 1/4" thick ARK Mod. III (the meat thief). 

I've got a few knives available on the store, but the books are open for orders as well. Shoot me an email for custom orders.

Available Knives - JG Knives

Got the bow out as deer season is rapidly approaching. 10 and 20 yard pins are set. I need to clear brush out to get the 30 and 40 dialed in.



Blacksmith punches and chisels are on the store. I'll be adding to the styles offered as I go and get time to make them. These are forged from 5/8" O1 tool steel and measure just over 7" in length. Currently I have a few of each of these available, but have more material inbound and will make these to order for the next few weeks, so please allow 2-3 days after your order is placed for shipping until I build more stock up in the coming weeks.

I've also posted the effect of each tool along side the tool, so people get an idea of what they are used for.

Available Here - JG Blacksmith Tools





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