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G.P.K. that is No. 55 is done! EDC Tools are up next and more Knives!

BOC Mod II Cap Maulers GPK OGK Slicer SPK WIP

 Well as the title states, No. 55 a G.P.K. is finished and available. This one has steel pins and OD G10 scales, with a tan sheath.

WIP Thread: No. 55, G.P.K. WIP Thread

Buy Here: No. 55, G.P.K.

The Harpoon G.P.K. is coming along as well. Should get the layered Black/Orange G10 scales epoxied on this weekend.

No. 56, Harpoon G.P.K. WIP Thread

Also got a run of the Cap Maulers and B.O.C. Mod. II's in D2 Tool Steel started. I wanted to post more pics of these, as I don't really run a WIP thread for them. They are all hand cut out from bar stock, no lasers or water jets here. Just band saw blades getting dull and metal chips all over.

First the patterns are laid out and holes marked. Dykem, dekem everywhere!

The patterns.

Drilling holes, lots and lots of holes. Your purchases help fund the drill bit supply.

The Porta-band and the swag table do all the cutting. Final shaping happens on the belt grinders.

Rough cuts.

Ready for heat treat! There will be 24 available soon, 12 of each. 

Also managed to get the next run of blanks cut. From top to bottom:

2 each of the  No Name Knife and B.T.K. in O1 Tool Steel

2 of the O.G.K. and 1 each; S.P.K., G.P.K., and Slicer in D2 Tool Steel

Larger version of the O.G.K. I am thinking about. Not sure on it yet, but I patterned it out.

For comparison. O.G.K. blank on top.

Here is the available pile, check out JGKnives.com

Lots to be done, but found time to duel the kid in some BB gun action. I rock his Red Ryder and he manned the Daisy Proline for the evening.

Although it was miserably warm, we decided to get the tent up and sleep out on the property. Spotted the ISS right off the bat, no UFO's though. Stars put on a good show.

To close this post out.. I got work that the first shipment of H&B Forge Camp Axes are on their way. I have 3ea. of the small/med/large polled camp axes coming. These are hand forged with a tool steel bit with hickory handles. I've been a fan of their hawks for a long time and excited to offer them up as well.

Axes & Hawks


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