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Damascus is back on the bench. Knives, openers and more progress on the shop!

BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers Damascus datmascus NoNameKnife OGK SPK WIP

December is off and going, thankfully the weather is allowing me to get quite a bit done.

No. 66, the latest Damascus Slicer is done.

WIP Thread: http://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-66-damascus-slicer

The view of the shop from the bridge. Lots of progress made in the last few days.

Porch is done, nothing to fancy or big, but enough to enjoy a beer on or shoot the bull.

Even added some stairs.

The sun setting on another work day in the woods.

With the trim work and windows in, it's time to start the forge area. Getting the far wall posts set and roughed in.

Christmas lights are up on the house. Need more, many more!

Nothing like taking a break from work and being challenged by the boy in checkers. I was ruthless and showed no mercy.

Forged bottle opener. Order Here

Posts are set and time to install the rafters for the roof.

Got this Damascus S.P.K. started for an order.

Another bottle opener. Order Here

Working on a few knives and the next run of EDC openers.

D2 tool steel B.O.C. Mod. II's fresh out of the heat treat oven.

Cap Maulers and B.O.C. Mod. II's ready to be cleaned up.

A pile of knives in progress. No Name Knife in O1, S.P.K. in Dat'mascus and a O.G.K. in D2. Also my new shop helper Cody, started working on a G.P.K.

The forge area is coming along. Dealing with this hard clay and uneven ground is really getting old.

This mess is slowly starting to make sense.

Since a lot of the major stuff is almost all done, thought I'd knock a bench out for the porch.

Set the posts for the back wall and the door! 


The run of openers are getting an acid bath.

I think I last made these in early summer, but here is the new run of BOC Mod. II's and Cap Maulers are done.

D2 B.O.C. (Bottle Opening Contraptions) Mod. II's: Order Here

Damascus B.O.C. (Bottle Opening Contraptions) Mod. II's: Order Here

Damascus Cap Maulers: Order Here

After a number of people have asked, I have begun a run of HATE Pig/Challenge Coin stands in some curly koa.

And here they are. Done and available. Order Here

With all these present giving holidays coming up, the store is stocked with a mix of items. I will have 2 knives available as well mid-next week.

Click Here to see all the in stock items JG Knives stuff and Here to see everything.

A few H&B Forge Hawks are there, plenty of patches and for those who like hot stuff both Booster and Smoked Pepper Blends. Even some of my wife's awesome chapstick!

These are heat treated and tempered. The G.F.K. on the bottom will be available next week. 




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