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Bigger Knives and a Chewed Cap Mauler!

BOC Mod II BTK Cap Maulers NoNameKnife Patches WIP

After spending most of the week working on the run openers and such, it was time to work on some knives. I've got a pretty good pile of blanks started and decided I would work on the larger models in O1 to start.

I cut two B.T.K. models for this one. I am going to do them separately though, maybe this way they won't be exactly the same. Subtle variations.  

Like wise with the No Name Knife. I have two of them as well. Considering the first one was a "shoot from the hip" thing, I am interested to see where this one ends up.

Just a shot of them after marking the holes to be drilled. Dat' Mokume in the corner tho...

Two pins and lanyard for this one. I don't think a B.T.K. has had the extra hole yet. The early A.R.K. models, always had them, so I guess this is sort of revisiting some older things I did.

The second No Name Knife. More refined on the tang this time around. The Wilmont and small wheels have made the tangs much easier to shape.

Still have a few Cap Maulers and B.O.C. Mod. II's to finish. A few will be left hand chisel grinds, but a few will be one off versions as well.

The first pig stands to be made in a long time as available as well. Curly Koa from the last slicer. These are designed to hold the HATE Project Pig openers. If the material is there after a knife build I try to make a few and this is one of those rare times. Click Here to Order

The first of the one off Cap Maulers. I called it the Mauled Mauler. Just a random mix of grinds at varying angles and pressure. Acid etched and 400 grit chisel grind. Available in D2, click here to order!

Lastly, I've posted the spoils of my patch game scores as well. Some excellent stuff from Gus Butler and Steevens are available. The in-house No Bro Cobra patches as up as well. See all Morale Patches!


Keep in minf I've set up a  "donation" type item on the store for those who may want to support but sharp-stabby things are not their thing. Regardless if you help me fund my upcoming classes, new tools or my goal of a dedicated workshop you will receive something from me, be it a hand written thank you note, peach/pepper jam, patch or t-shirt, or something I forge... 

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