2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Smoked Peppers, Hammers and Knives!

Blacksmithing Forged Peppers sbk tools to make tools upstate south carolina WIP

I am loving this fall weather. Night in the 50-60's and the days are hanging around in the low 80's. It has made being in the shop so much more comfortable. The forge heats it up a bit, but being able to step outside for a break is fantastic. The name of the game right now is knives, peppers and hammers!

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Back to it and making some knives!

Damascus g10 Koa NoNameKnife sbk SPK WIP

Been traveling a lot to start 2016, but I've been able to get in the shop some here and there. The building of the new shop is at a stand still right now, but I should resume work on it later this week. Roof the forge area and run power are really all that is left.

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Post Shot Show knives in progress, Colds and OTC Meds.

Brews Damascus g10 Koa NoNameKnife sbk Shot Show WIP

Back in the shop after a week in Vegas! Shot Show was a good time, but now back to work on some knives.

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