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Back to it and making some knives!

Damascus g10 Koa NoNameKnife sbk SPK WIP

Been traveling a lot to start 2016, but I've been able to get in the shop some here and there. The building of the new shop is at a stand still right now, but I should resume work on it later this week. Roof the forge area and run power are really all that is left.

G10 getting shaped on these two.

 Dark earth G10 and the grey etch looks pretty good together.

 The current run of knives, ready for sheaths.

 Boltaron fun! I can usually keep the holes lined up, but every now and again one just does it's own thing.

 All the holes are drilled and the rough shape is cut. Time to sand them down a bit.

Shaping them goes pretty quick, cleaning up all the dust and mess from it takes longer.

 Need to rivet them together yet, but they are coming along.

The next 3 to get made. A B.T.K. in O1 for an order, then a Slicer in O1 and L.U.K. in D2.

 The dude abides.

 These sheaths are done. The S.P.K. is rocking a tuck-able I.W.B. strut from Henry Holsters.

 Neighbor gave me a handful of US Issue Mess Knives. These date from WW2 to the Korean War. Very cool score.

The Shop Knife Design in 1084/15N20. This design came from a failed No Name Knife, that I kept grinding down and messing with. Once I got it down to a shape I liked, I found myself using it quite a bit in the shop, so I made a pattern and made this one. 

No. 79, S.K.D. WIP Thread Here - Available Buy Here

No. 75, Damascus S.P.K. w/ Blue G10 scales and SS tubes. Henry Holster hardware on the sheath. WIP Thread Here

No. 79, Damascus No Name Knife, Koa scales. WIP Thread Here

The first of the Sleek Bushcraft Knife to be made. WIP Thread Here



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