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Two more done and on to preparing for spring!

Anvil Available Knives Beer HSK KSK Man Skills upstate south carolina WIP


The start of the year has been a mess of projects, mainly around the house, which has caused a shortage of shop time. Although some things are getting done, but not at the pace I'd like.

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New Year, new knives a rusty anvil, and some same old stuff as well.

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First blog of 2017 and here we go! Winter is setting in here in SC. Right now we just had our first (and probably only) snow here in the upstate. It's cooled down a bit, but things are still happening in the shop.

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Knives, shop build and some adventuring.

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It feels good to be back. With all the chaos from Shot Show and just getting situated after the new year, finding time to get in the shop has been scarce. Although with the weather turning and it being more enjoyable to be outside, I figured it was time to dust the blog off and make some stuff.

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Two knives and a mess of pocket tools post turkey day...

BOC Mod II Bottle Openers Cap Maulers Damascus datmascus DIY Shop Forged Man Skills NoNameKnife OGK WIP

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Our family took in a stray veteran who didn't have any local family to spend it with. Good times where had and I ate myself silly. Little progress on the shop, but not it is time to get back to a mess of knives and pocket tools.

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Shop moving along, knives are getting done and the books are closed for a bit.

Beer Bottle Openers Damascus datmascus DIY Shop Forged Man Skills OGK Slicer WIP

Currently I am closing the "books" for the time being. You can contact me about a model, but with the orders I have and other knives to get done the lead times are beyond what I want. I've got some knives for the online store mixed in, so till the end of the year, keep your eyes on the store for any knives that may become available. I've got just about 25-30 blanks in the tub to get done.

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