2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

New Year, new knives a rusty anvil, and some same old stuff as well.

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First blog of 2017 and here we go! Winter is setting in here in SC. Right now we just had our first (and probably only) snow here in the upstate. It has cooled down a bit, but things are still happening in the shop. I had a rush of classes at the end of last year, so I had to side table some projects for a little bit, while others were taking up more time than I had.


The first of the F.H.C. (Finger Hole Cleavers) is nearing completion. Outside my typical style, but it has been fun venturing outside my comfort zone a bit.


My Hate Project Glock slide plate. This was gifted to me and it seems to get lost from time to time. I'll swap it out for the stock one and tuck it away, only to misplace it for a few weeks, then rediscover it from time to time. The HATE Project is a fundraising campaign that donates large sums of money to a variety of charities.



Not a new years resolution by any means, but the itch is coming back. After taking the last half of 2016 off after a knee injury and focusing my time and effort into this project, I just had to shelf BJJ for the remainder of the year. I feel though, I can manage to fit it into my lifestyle again for 2017. I'm in a much better place personally and physically than I was last year.



Oh, New Years Breakfast. Gotta start the new year off right.



These have fought me tooth and nail. I was having a hard time getting the scales to adhere properly. I typically use Loc-Tite brand epoxy or West Systems, but ran out and grabbed some Devcon. It was at that moment when all things went to crap. I don't if it was the humidity, temps or just that Devcon, but that stuff would not adhere. I tried a few times, got angry and overnight-ed in some more West. Once I got some proper epoxy back in, BOOM. Stuck like glue.



A hand forged bottle popper. Simple, effective, a great exercise to me for forging and they are extremely functional. Pops bottles, pulls cord, lifts pots.. Get yours here:




Quest is a local brewery that makes some damn fine beer, and it's about time it's available in my lil' town! Cheers!



Next up. K.S.K. and a H.S.K. both in 5/32" thick D2. 



Toho enjoying some snow time. He's been getting a bit more bold outside, but with a little bit of leash training and keeping close to him we have managed to reel some his wanting to bolt off after everything that has fur.



A rare snow day at the shop. Too cold to work, well I too cold for me to want to work. Needs to melt off, as the anvil is getting a nice "patina" to it with the recent dampness and not being used over the holidays.




Kinda peaceful down here with the snow all over.



Snow beers are the best beers.



No. 108, F.H.C. Prototype is done. Another one of these to do, but I like where these are heading.






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