2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Two more done and on to preparing for spring!

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The start of the year has been a mess of projects, mainly around the house, which has caused a shortage of shop time. Although some things are getting done, but not at the pace I'd like. The second of the F.H.C. prototypes is done and off already. Changed the sheath up, the open finger hole of the last one, left the retention on the weak side. Also rounded the scales more for a comfy feel in the hand. Once I gather some feedback, I'll add these to the model list and take orders for them as people want them.

Check the full build thread here:

F.H.C. Prototypes 108/109 W.I.P. Thread


The weather here is starting to turn, leaving us with a roller coaster of days. One day is cold and freezing, the next is warm and sunny. I'm not complaining, keeps me on my toes. 



H.S.K. model in D2 tool steel.



Been playing with handle shaping more and more as of late. Adding small details to make them fit the hand better.



Bass in the hot hole.



Another one done. Fun knife to make and off to a long time friend.

Full work in progress thread here:

No. 111, H.S.K. WIP Thread



Ryan in the shop making a set of hand tools. He forged a set of punches and a hot cut. He has also taken my hammer making class. Solid guy and learns fast, always enjoy having him in the shop.



D2 tool steel for this K.S.K.



Another visitor in the shop, enjoying the day and trying to keep all the steps to slot punching a hole fresh in his mind as he goes. Forging a bottle opener is a fun easy project, that requires a handful of forging techniques that a smith will use daily.



Hand tool blanks. Punches, chisels and other tools to be made.



Orange and Black G10 for this one. Been leaving them raw and not etching them the past few knives. Changing things up. This one is available.

No. 112, K.S.K. WIP Thread

Buy it here:



Rough forged. I like to forge as close to finished as I can, leaving only final details to grind. 



These few warmer days are already awakening the garden, I am sure the frost will get these back in check soon unfortunately.



The Ale house here in town a cozy spot that always has something good on tap.



Got a few more C.C.K. in stock and available order at the link below.




Lil' Spot. Water is warming up and the fish are getting back into a spring pattern.



Well that is another update from the shop. Thanks for your support and following along.




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