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Knives, Peppers and the Chicken Man..

BOC Mod I BOC Mod II Chicken Guy Peppers Slicer

Yep, all of it..

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Some blanks and supplies..


Another round. Fresh belts and some other odds and ends inbound.

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The counter shot.

ARK BOC Mod I BOC Mod II Slicer Smoke Wagons

So the move has happened. It's been a week full of trying to sell some guns and getting back into a "sales state of mind" for AGSArmament.com, which hasn't been the best seeing as the gun market is in the pits right now, but drive on we must. Thanks to the FW crew for keeping it together as we begin the expansion. Been grinding knives and other random things when the temps are below 85 and actually been giving the camera a bit of a workout. Heading to Alumni weekend to get some catching up with old friends and a...

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