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He's back...

Man Skills sitting in trees trail cam

Well after a pretty dismal hunting season that saw no deer harvested this year, I kept the trail camera out in the woods just to see what else might be running around the woods. This fox, well at least one, has been back in recent week. last time he popped up was in July.


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Few Pics of the past week..

first knife forge sitting in trees

Firepit season is upon us.. Steaks over oak, best thing ever.   IIt appears that the first pepper garden in SC was a sucess. Shout out to the guys at the HATE project for the laughs and fun this summer! Seeds will be available later this year. Huge shout out to Casey at Bradshaw Blades for making my son a killer first knife. Well. My car is all jacked up, missed the first shot at a doe tonight, and gun sales are sucking... At least I got this today..            

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