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Cooler days, more knives, and the Jam..

ARK Blacksmithing BTK datjamtho datmascus DIY Shop Garden Peppers tools to make tools WIP


I have got to enjoy a cooler past two weeks here in the shop, which has been very nice. Among the usual knives and forging of things, pepper season is here. So while I manage orders, I'll be switching gears a bit as I harvest from the garden of doom, begin to can the annual batches jam and dry peppers for the seasoning.

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2015 Hot Peppers!

Garden Man Skills

Hot peppers 2015! Jam, seeds and powder!

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The weekend has begun!

Damascus Garden GPK Peppers Slicer SPK WIP

Well this is probably the largest gather of my work that has been on one place at one time ever. Mainly I've been building them in recent weeks to ensure the new website has content for those who are not on the forums or facebook. Also this is allowing me to run out my current stock of materials. Hopefully UPS and Fedex come though and I can finish these in the coming week.

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