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The weekend has begun!

Damascus Garden GPK Peppers Slicer SPK WIP

Well the weekend has arrived. After getting some work done this morning and the afternoon closed in on the weekend, I headed into the shop and I managed to both 40 and 41 to 90%. Still waiting on my sheath supplies, so I can finish the current run, but it was nice to see these two close to completion along with 39.

Well this is probably the largest gather of my work that has been on one place at one time ever. Mainly I've been building them in recent weeks to ensure the new website has content for those who are not on the forums or facebook. Also this is allowing me to run out my current stock of materials. Hopefully UPS and Fedex come though and I can finish these in the coming week.

No. 41, G.P.K. in Walnut Burl.

No. 40 G.P.K. in Walnut.

No. 39, G.P.K. in Walnut.

No. 37, S.P.K. in Black/Red Micarta.

No. 38, Slicer in Curly Koa.

Also got started on another S.W.K. which marks 42 in the journey.

Not to be content in the shop, I also managed to till the garden. Looks about 3 times bigger than last year. Since the move caused us to get a late start last season, it's nice to get going in early march instead of late June.

Forgot about this piece of Black/Orange G10, so since the last on turned out so nice in a layered scale, looks like this one will be a nice choice.


A very cool thing to see was the owner of No. 4, posted a photo of it to the Facebook today. It was cool to see one of the original first 5 after nearly a year of daily carry and use. Humbling to see.. Thanks for the continued support and encouragement everyone.

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