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2015 Hot Peppers!

Garden Man Skills

Couple years back I got into Hot Peppers and each year the garden has slowly been overrun with them. 2015 is no exception... So here is what we're looking at for this coming year.

For seeds, I started a few varities in a 72 cell seed start that include:

Naga Vipers, Naga Morich, Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Butch T Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Sapporo, Takanotsume, Carolina Reapers, Red Savina Habaneros. As of today 22 of the cells have sprouted. Hopefully more will soon. If you're looking for some seeds, I've put some of the extra from this year online for sale

Naga Morich Seeds

Red Savina Habanero Seeds


Also we have a killer greenhouse here local, that sells over 200 types of peppers so of course I had to stop up and grab some more..

Red and Yellow Peter Peppers. Yellow, Peach and Pumpkin Habaneros. Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion and Butch T's. Chocolate Moruga Scorpion, Fatali and 7Pot Brain Strain, Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Yellow and a Carolina Reaper.


So what becomes of these peppers. Many are donated to a charity group and are sold to raise funds for various organizations, it's called the HATE Project. What is left is made into some jam I started making a few years back, which has recently become a bit of a favorite among friends and fans. Also some of it is ground into a fine powder to that can be used as a spice or combined with rubs.

Jam is avail mid to late summer. Once the peaches come in.


Powder is avail now for last years blend. 2015 will blend be late summer...


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