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A week of forging in the SC heat and humidity.

Anvil Blacksmithing DIY Shop Forged WIP

 While I have spent the last few weeks deep into the knives, I decided this past week to reset and get the forge going again. I started with a goal to forge one new thing daily and also to get the coal forge going as well.


Following in the lead from my friend Andrew at Henry Holsters and the live videos he has been posting on the Facebook a bottle opener was the first live video for my page. I am going to continue to post them there and also start to fill the YouTube channel up as well.


View the video on Facebook at the link below:



I made a few bottle poppers as well. A simple design that rides nicely on a key ring or paracord lanyard.

Available Here:



After completely cleaning the shop and getting things organized I finally mounted my post vise. Oddly enough I have another one coming from northern Indiana as well.



My 3.5# rounding hammer. I am especially excited as the materials for a striking anvil are coming next week, so some bigger forged items are coming back here real soon...



My modest tong collection. As I am forging more and trying new things I am seeing a need to buy more or make a few pairs.



First Time Forged Project No. 1, a flux spoon. Made from a piece of 3/4x1/4" flat stock. While this one isn't a entirely new project for me. I needed one, so it got made. Bottle opener end, because you can never have enough openers in the shop.


First Time Forged Project No. 2, a gate pull. Made from a piece of 1x1/8" flat stock. This was a fun one. Working with such thin material ensured I heated it up often and had to work quick. I am pleased with how this turned out.

Available Here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-forged-gate-pull-handle


One days work in the shop. Some owl bottle openers, a bulldog, gate pull and the flux spoon.

Owls Available Here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-forged-bottle-opener-owl

Bulldog Available Here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-forged-bottle-opener-bulldog



Close up of the openers. I learned the bulldog from Lyle Wynn and the owls from John McGee's YouTube tutorial. Both are extremely talented blacksmiths.



A warm day in the shop. The propane forge doesn't help with it's blowing hot fiery gas all over the place. Time to do something about this.



A fresh batch of fire pit cookers are done. I decided to make a video about these, as a good number of people ask questions on what they are and how to use them. Also included some of the forging process as well. 

Available Here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/fire-pit-cooker




First Time Forged Project No. 3. a Broach.  Made from 3/8" round stock and a piece of 1/8" square. This was en exercise in making the tapers even and then bending it to make everything match up. Got plans to improve these next week.



What would a JG Knives post be without a fishing photo. Neighbor and I tried our luck on the lower end of Saluda Lake. He snagged this bruiser. 



Finally. I got the coal forge up and running. I bought this right when I moved to SC in the fall of 2014 and couldn't use it as the shop was in the garage. I was using the propane forge, but after the miserable heat here, felt is was time to get it going. I think I only cut myself once, during the install of the chimney. Which, for the amount of fiddling with sheet metal, is a feat.


 First Time Forged Project No. 4. a lantern hook.  Made from 3/4x1/4" flat stock and 3/8" round for the rivets. Simple design, but it allowed me to experiment with joinery, angles and getting everything to match up. Overall Iearned a lot on this one. Especially how much I need a drawing table in the shop. Although the gravel floor worked for laying this out.



First Time Forged Project No. 5, Coat Hanger. Made from 3/4x1/4" flat stock. Wanted to try my hand at a fishtail scroll. After trying mine, and then watching a video on how it should be done. I wasn't far off I think. I need to practice these more.

Available Here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-forged-coat-hook



Leaf Keychains fresh out of the forge. One of them was made live on the facebook as well. Check the video out at the link below.


I'll being doing a live video every (well most every) Thursday nights at 7pm eastern time. I'm working out the details on how to get them on YouTube and FB, but will pick a item each week and forge it!

Leaves are available here:




BONUS - First Time Forged Project No. 6, the worlds ugliest forge weld! This was a messing around thing, but since the coal forge was running I decided to try my hand at a forge weld. No flux, hit heat and a few light hits and it stuck. This was my second attempt, but got it on the first heat. After it cooled I beat it with a hammer and it didn't break. Now to read up and refine this process as well.



Last night I started a knife out of an old rasp. Hopefully I will get it finished this coming week, but here is quick look at it. 



That pretty much sums up the past week here in the foothills, but thanks for following along. Several items are up on the website and in stock, click the link below for to see what is available:



- JG


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