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Compact Carry Knives and More this week. Rucking, Fishing and Brews!

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 Busy, busy week. My fishing buddies are back to work, so that means I can get some work done. I had no idea that when they took a vacation it meant I was taking one too. However, it feels good to be back in the shop and getting some work done.


No. 99, a L.C.K. Mod. II is cut and ready for heat treat. Little thinner than I wanted it, but the shape feels good in the hand. 



This one is still up and available on the store. O.G.K. in D2, etched finished and Coyote G10 scales.




Forge is fired back up. Some skull orders and bottle openers about to get made. I need to stay on top of this more. Taking a just a week or to away from the anvil is enough to lose some of the muscle memory in it. Fridays are usually forging days, so maybe it's time to get back to that routine.



Skulls! Order yours here: https://www.jgknives.com/products/lil-skull

Check out all the forged items and more here:




The prototype necker is coming along. Grinds are done and I am content with the result.



Managed one morning of fishing in the last week. Been really warm, so had to switch up tactics to keep them biting. This lil' guy was one of the few we caught. Went later that night and managed a few catfish and whole lot of laughter.



This one is out the door to a good friend. Prototype C.C.K. (Compact Carry Knife)



Started this week looking a this. Even with the heat and humidity, I am looking forward to get this done.



Dammy O.G.K. pre-etch. Black G10 and a rare lanyard hole for this one.



About Keystone'd out for a bit, so time to switch up the beer menu in the shop. Trifecta IPA from Thomas Creek Brewey and the Community Tap. Not a citrus-y as I like, but the piney flavor and 6% abv, get the job done.



Surface ground and ready for heat.



First run of the C.C.K. is shaping up well.



GoRuck and their free event for Vets has me back to lugging this thing around getting ready. Not sure where I do it, but gonna travel a bit for my next tough. 35lbs for 4.35 miles in 58:40.



Yay, sheath day. No literally, this wasn't that bad. Not my favorite thing to make, but practice on and improve. Plastic dust, all over the place.



These got etched with the logo and then acid bathed to blacken them.



No. 97, Damascus O.G.K.

WIP Thread: https://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-97-damascus-o-g-k

Available: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-damascus-o-g-k



No. 98, The "Lost" Knife. This blank was cut months ago and misplaced in the shop. Well after moving and beginning to sort things out in the new shop, it was found.

WIP Thread: https://www.jgknives.com/pages/no-98-the-lost-knife

Available:  https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-the-lost-knife



The Compact Carry Knife (C.C.K.) is ready and done. Small D2 EDC knife that rides in a pocket comfortably. I'll try to make a small run of these monthly and from time to time, switch up materials, grinds and finishes.

WIP Here: https://www.jgknives.com/pages/compact-carry-knife

Available: https://www.jgknives.com/products/jg-knives-c-c-k



Got No. 99 to work on and then start on 100. Hopefully I can figure something out cool for that, but we will see next week.




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