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G.P.K. that is No. 55 is done! EDC Tools are up next and more Knives!

BOC Mod II Cap Maulers GPK OGK Slicer SPK WIP

A little look ahead at whats coming...

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The peppers have arrived, along with some knives..

GPK No53 NoNameKnife Peppers Slicer SPK WIP











Well the No Name Knife, which was No. 50 is finished and available! 


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The big 5-0 and beyond..

GPK NO50 NoNameKnife Wilmont WIP

Well another week has come to and end. No. 50, the No Name Knife is almost finished. I also sprinted ahead onto 51 and 52, which are G.P.K. models. Beyond the knives a lot has been happening in the shop.

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No. 40/41/42


No. 40 thru. 42 are finished.


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The weekend has begun!

Damascus Garden GPK Peppers Slicer SPK WIP

Well this is probably the largest gather of my work that has been on one place at one time ever. Mainly I've been building them in recent weeks to ensure the new website has content for those who are not on the forums or facebook. Also this is allowing me to run out my current stock of materials. Hopefully UPS and Fedex come though and I can finish these in the coming week.

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