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The big 5-0 and beyond..

GPK NO50 NoNameKnife Wilmont WIP

Well another week has come to and end. No. 50, the No Name Knife is almost finished. I also sprinted ahead onto 51 and 52, which are G.P.K. models. Beyond the knives a lot has been happening in the shop.

First off, the Wilmont LB-1000 I ordered at Blade Show arrived.


All my years of having legos prepared me for this moment.

Also having some "mex-i-can" in my bloodline prepared me as well.

Huge thanks to Chris at Wilmont Grinder for taking the time at Blade Show to get my order in for this thing.

Although he may be messing with me based on the left over parts.

The new grinder however got me in the mood to just clean the whole shop. Don't think it has been this clean since I moved to South Carolina.

The next run, 51-56. Four G.P.K.s, a S.P.K. and a Slicer.

Mail call from Bradshaw Blades. Basher in copper, can't wait to see the patina.

The Wilmont has been waiting on these!

First grind off the new Wilmont. G.P.K. No. 52!

No Name Knife, No. 50 and the O.G.K. No 49 (that is available).

No. 50, No Name Knife

WIP Thread: No. 50, No Name Knife

No. 51, G.P.K. (Last on the HF 1X30)

WIP Thread: No. 51, G.P.K. 

No. 52, G.P.K.

WIP Thread: No. 52, G.P.K. 




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