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39-40 Progress, BBQ and some Hot Peppers!

GPK Meats Peppers WIP

Well the seeds are going to get an overnight soak and then hopefully I will get some to sprout. Have 5 type in seeds, the other varieties will come from the local garden shop. Look on the store in the next few days, as I will be selling some of the extra seeds I have as well.
No's 39-41 getting the rough bevels done.
The other sides, these will get cleaned up and ready for heat treat.
Time for some BBQ. Whole Boston Butt, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Cumin, Chili Powder, Salt rubbed on the meats. Slow cooked for 7-8 hours over a bed of onions and garlic.
Using some acetone to clean them up while the oven gets to temp.
Heat soaking.
From the oven to the warmed oil quickly and dipped in till they are cool enough to be handled. Tempering is up next.
Well that the progress thus far. Hopefully I'll get these finished this week and get started on the next ones this weekend..





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