2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Heading into the weekend...


Tomorrow is Friday and in hopes of getting some stuff done this weekend, I made sure to get into the shop and get some work done. I've not worked 3 of the same model at one time, but I can see the benefit. Less fiddling with tools and more just making great progress. No. 39 is the ready for a sheath and then a sharpening. I was able to get the scales shaped and epoxied. This walnut had me a bit disappointed at first. The grain just wasn't really popping to me.

Although once the Danish oil hit them, my thoughts on the scales changed.

Hopefully the restock of sheath materials arrives soon to get this one finished. I am getting a nice stock of knives built up in the mean time though.

Making sure to not spend the entire night out in the garage I was able to get No. 40 and 41 cleaned up and the scales epoxied as well, but needs to cure a for a few hours before shaping.

No. 40 in Walnut.

No. 41 is Walnut Burl.

The chicks have been doing well, hopefully our coop arrives this weekend and the weather cooperates so we can get some of the yard cleared to make room for that and a run for the flock. Although tonight the chicks have been taking turns being held and getting some time with the family.

My wife makes some pretty awesome soaps, hand cremes and chap-stick. Much like getting the shop up and running for knives, she's had to make time and space to resume small batches of her handmade soaps and other items. Lime chap-stick was the batch she ran tonight. I'll be adding her items to the store along with other things here soon. She has quite a following and this will allow her fans to snag her goods. If you find yourself buying a knife or other EDC items, think about adding some of her soap to your order. She makes an awesome Bug Bar for the outdoors along with a Beer Soap and more.

Well since 39-41 are done, it is time to pick a 42 and move on to the next run. Blanks ready are two B.H.K.'s, one A.R.K. Mod. II, one G.S.K., one O.G.K. and a S.W.K (in order from left to right) What would you choose?



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