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1045 Carbon Steel Hammer Blanks, Round

Precison Marshall/Deluxe Co.

$ 10.00

Hammer head blanks cut from AISI 1045 medium carbon steel. Cold finish round stock in varying diameters and cut to approx lengths (+/- 1/8").


Dimensions (Diameter/Length) Weight (Approx.)
1.75x3.375" 2lbs.
1.75x4" 2.5lbs
2x4.25" 3.5lbs
2.25x4.5" 4.5lbs



AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel:

C: 0.420-0.50 Fe: 98.51-98.98 Mn: 0.60-0.90 P: ≤ 0.040 S:≤ 0.050

Heat Treat Temperature 1508°F - 1562°F
Quenching Medium Water/Brine
Hardness Rockwell 58rc

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