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Making knives and catching fish, it's a living, I suppose.

Knives are definitely being made even though the heat here is steadily climbing. Some rain would be nice to take the edge off some days, but I am still getting some work done. 



No. 95 & 95, an Original Gamez Knife (O.G.K.) and Harpoon Style Knife (H.S.K.) ready for heat. Got to use some fresh belts for these and the difference that makes is amazing.



Neighbor and I snuck out on Lake Keowee for some evening fishing. First time on that lake so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Some insane houses and decent fishing spots we what I found though.



Small spotted bass near a golf course. Good night of fishing if you ask me. Caught a few decent largemouth and spots.



The state of the bench early in the week. Several knives in progress. I think I have finally found a good rhythm to make my work flow more steady. Keeping 3-4 knives at varying stages is working for me and allowing me to get some more knives out. 100, here I come.



6am at the shop in the woods. Have to get out there early to beat the heat of the day. Muggy humidty and high heat are the daily norm this past week, getting in the shop before the high strikes is letting me some work done in about as close to comfortable temps as I could hope for.



These two are done and already off to new homes. One to Indiana, the other to the west coast.



This one is in O1 tool steel and wrapped in Denim Micarta w/ red fiber liners.

WIP Thread: No. 93, S.W.K.


This Little Utility Knife (L.U.K.) makes my 94th knife. Rare for me to not etch knives, but these two look great as they were, so I left them in the raw.

WIP Thread: No. 94, L.U.K.



Next two up are coming along nicely and ready for final finishing.



Had a piece of 1" D2 in the shop and wasn't overly sure what I was gonna do with it. Originally I had planned to make prybars out of it, but once the marker came out do draw up some patterns, this happened. I guess it is my take on the neck knife.



Cut up 3ft worth of these to do sometime in the coming days. Not sure on the grind yet or finish. May switch it up and put them out in a few variants.



Settled on this for the profile.



The bench is getting a bit cluttered. The L.U.K. is done, neckers post heat treat, the O.G.K. ready for a sheath, and a sneak peak at No. 97 & No. 98.



Back on the water and started Saturday reeling this Hybrid on some brand new Ugly Stiks. I've probably had the same 3 fishing poles for 10-15 years and having been spending more time on the water decided it was time to upgrade. It was like driving a old car ready to fall apart and climbing to a brand new one that is 15 years newer. Ugly Stik GX2's paired with Shimano Syncopates with my fathers day loot and I am catching fish again.



Crazy lil' fawn wasn't scared of us. We managed to troll up to the shore in the boat and the lil fella strolled on up to the boat. Let us pet it a bit, decided to bite my neighbor a few times and after a few minutes took off back into the woods. Awesome experience.



My daughter landing her first fish all on her own.



Making a bit of progress. The Sunday look at what I need to get done this week.



Got the bow out after dinner on Sunday and managed this for my first shots of 2016. 35yds off the porch. Shame I am going to have to restring it before deer season, but for now it's dialed in... Or I am just lucky.



Need to finish the sheaths for these, but for now they are done. Missing some hair on my leg, bled a little bit too. Cleaned, oiled and ready for some cutting.


Coyote G10 for this O.G.K.

WIP Thread: No. 95, O.G.K.

Available Here:



The second Harpoon Style Knife (H.S.K.) I've made. This one in D2 with Red/Black Micarta.

WIP Thread: No. 96, H.S.K.

Available Here:





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