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Knife No. 100 and beyond! Some hammers and new tools!

I never thought I'd make it to 100. I did shuffle a few around to get some orders cleared out, but this one is the 100th knife. No name for it, just No. 100. It was fun to make this one. Stepped well outside my normal design comfort zone and had to do some work getting the grind right, but in all I am content with how it turned out. Now, on to the next hundred or so knives!

No. 100 WIP Thread

Available for Purchase Here


Getting cool enough that a hoodie and hot coffee are needed in the shop before the forge gets everything up to temp. What a wonderful time to be alive.



No. 104, an SBK is all set for an acid bath.



We planted a Goji berry plant this spring and are getting a few berries the first year! My green thumb has it's moments. Even though pepper season has offically ended the garden is still putting out veggies and such. The chickens, although, have left no tomato behind.



An assortment of the past weeks forging. Hammers with help of a striker and some hand tools done on my own. I really enjoy making tools. Seeing other smiths making things with them is rewarding to me.


All done and off to Indiana, I see some deer cutting in this knife's future.

No. 104, WIP Thread



Neighbor and I managed to get some time on Keowee River this past weekend. The water is several feet lower than the spring, but the fish are still around. We didn't have the best of luck finding them this day, but a few caught.



This little fella, had a real bad day. It was even more fun trying to wrestle him from the predicament he foolishly put himself in as well.



It's October, time to bust out all the cheesy 80's horror movies! I love halloween, always have. I enjoy B-Horror movies as well and watch just about anyone I own or find to stream online all month long.



A pair of 2lb rounding hammers all finished up. Check the store out to order one!




Close up the heads showing the two faces.



Bone-in pork shoulder. Rub with spices and such. Smoke over apple wood and oak. Mop with apple cider..Enjoy.



The look ahead. With Christmas a few just over 10 weeks out, if a knife or hammer is on your list for the holidays now is the time to get your order in. Use the contact form here to get a custom order going.


From left to right:

SWK, 1/4" Thick D2

KSK, 5/32" Thick D2

SBK, 5/32" Thick D2

HSK, 5/32" Thick D2

These are available, and if you want a specific scale material, know is the time to pick it out, or they will get my choice, but will be available on the store in the coming weeks.


Added a round ball fuller to the assortment of hand tools I am offering for my fellow blacksmiths. These can be used to create round depressions or scalloping on your projects. Made from O1 tools steel, check them out along with my other tools for sale at the following link on the store:





Not a bad day in the forge. A pair of horse head bottle openers and some key-chains as well.

JG Hand Forged Bottle Opener, Horse Head

JG Hand Forged Key Chain, Horse Head


The traveling displays I whipped up for showing the things I make at local craft shows and other events. I have to make a few store displays as well, but for now, these will work I hop. Plus, I am slowly making a dent in all the left over fence pickets taking up room in the drive way.



A trip of hand forged hardy hot cuts are fresh off the anvil. These are much improved over the last batch, as my striker and I are hitting our stride together. Forged from 1.25" 4140, this will fit most square hardy holes from 3/4 to 1 1/8" in size.

Order here:



Some days, call for  PBR every now and again.



The cutting of 3.5lb hammer made a lot of sparks. 2" round stock put up a fight, but the 70's era Black and Decker chop saw, was not having any of that steels crap.



Five billets are done and ready to go. One of these is being donated to a charity in November, the other 4, will be available soon. If you'd like to pre-order one, click the link below. Please be aware that is will be 3-4 weeks before you order may ship.








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