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Hammers, Tools and even some knives to end a great March.

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March is almost reached the end and what a crazy month it has been here in the shop. So many projects and working on getting them done. Hammers were made, several people coming through to check out the shop and even managed to get a few knives ground out. Some things may be changing here in the short-term which will bring about a reduction in time in the shop, but it should set me up better for the long-term goals as well.



Wear that eye-pro in the shop. While cleaning up a piece of 3/8 round stock on the wire wheel, it got away from me and took the "pitching machine of doom" ride around and about knocked me out. Fortunately, my 3M glasses took the brunt of the impact and spared my eye of some serious damage. Black eye lasted for about a week and didn't feel good at all. However, it could have been much worse for me.



Impact spot, had those glasses not been there that would have shot straight into the soft fleshy area under my eye.



Punching holes is a rewarding thing. Sometimes they go real easy and other times you fight it. Laying out the hole cold can help you ensure get it straight. Watching the temp of the steel when clearing the slug is also another way to ensure you get a clean break of the slug. This was a spot on hole.



All manner of forged items are getting added back to the store. Lots of old favorites and some new items as well. Check them out here:




A run of "Butcher Block" stand for the Hate Project's Pig bottle openers are back and available. The Hate Project is a non-profit that raises funds for various charities through the sale of these lil' pigs and a hot pepper seasoning blend known as Hate Dust. I donate a large portion of my annual pepper crop to them and the funds from the sale of these stands to help cover the gardens expenses like soil, fertilizer and such.

Check the Hate Project out here:


Order a Butcher Block for your pig here:




Richard spend the day in the shop, learning some fundamental blacksmithing techniques. Excellent day and he did a great job. Typically I or the student use the hammer you see. A simple and cheap "sledge" hammer, I think it's 3lbs. I dressed the faces more like a typical rounding hammer to show guys that good work can be done with simple tools, if you're technique and hammer control are solid.



More seeds for the Garden of Doom from Tyler Farms.



Hand forged tools for the blacksmith and/or metal worker. These sets are always available and can also be purchased individually as well.




Lil' Chickens. I really enjoy having our little flock. A hawk got a few of our laying hens last week, so we decided to add a few chicks in again this year.



Skulls. All manner of them. The key chain skull has been a good item and people seem to like them. Order yours below:





Spring is finally taking hold here in SC. We had a pretty nasty freeze, but it appears that we may be done with all that winter non-sense here and get to some warmer days.



David punching his first hole. I like teaching the slot hole as opposed to a simpler square or round hold. If they nail this one, doing the other styles is even easier. Plus it shows them how they can lengthen the slot/hole, rotating the punch to get an even hole and clearing the slug.



While is isn't a perfect hole, for a first hole, it is fantastic.



Caleb drifting the handle eye hole of his rounding hammer. I don't mind selling hammers, but getting to spend the day helping and showing someone how to make one is so much mo' better.



All the way from the Northeast and he is taking home a darn fine tool. 3.5lb rounding hammer.



Those seeds are in the dirt, now lets hope we get enough to sprout and survive. Peppers are just finicky as heck.



This is the "Chicken Math" I've been hearing about. Lost two, got 12 to compensate. Eggs for days!



This was an interesting one to forge. I've made several hammer eye punches with a striker and they are pretty straight forward to make.... with a striker. On this day, for some reason, all my strikers were busy and I had it in my head I wanted to make one. So, on my own, I forged one out. It was a challenge for sure but with some sweat, some foul language at times and a whole lot of hammer swinging I managed to squeak one out.

These will be a stocked item and this one is available here:




I have always ran spinning reels for as long as I have fished. I tried to use bait casters as a kid, but never had any luck getting the technique down. So in my 30's I thought I've give it another go. Abu Garcia Black Max on a 6' Ugly Stik GX2. Not bad after a few bird nests and watching some videos on setting them up and casting. Not sure why I waited so long, but I am liking it so far. Time to find some fish now!



Added some more Butcher Blocks in Orange Heart, Cocobolo and Purple heart woods.



Early morning glimpse of the shop. It's been almost a year since I moved from the garage to the shop in the woods. The past year has been so crazy and I appreciate all the support from everyone who helps keep this adventure going.




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