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End of the year post full of knives and such!

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As 2016 winds down to a close, I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has made this year in the shop a great one. To everyone who has bought a knife, took a class or just followed along, THANKS for your continued support. I accomplished quite a bit this past year. Even with a few bumps in the round along the way, I still managed to grow considerably.



Here is a look at where 2016 is ending and I'll pick up for 2017!



A pair of prototype "Finger Hole Cleavers" are in process. These are taking way longer than I originally intended, but it has been a new model filled with little things that need more thought and fine tuning. I'll decide when these are done if they become a regular offering down the road.



An L.U.K.  ground and ready for finishing.



6pc. hand tool sets continue to get forged and go out to customers all over the country.



Modification of a B.T.K. blank I had on the bench and decided to chop and grind on it a bit more for a pronounced poon at the tip.



Deer season 2016 wasn't a waste, had a great time at deer camp and managed to fill the freezer a bit.



Coke, the superior forging fuel.



Getting closer with these. I had to redo the scales a few times to get the shape down pat. Those holes present a mess of problems when sanding.



More punches.. Order your set here:




SC sunset from the foothills.



Meat fork a student and I finished up during a Blacksmithing 101 class.



L.U.K. nestled in some Yellow and Orange G10.



This one will be hard to lose in the woods, and keep clean.



A speical project S.B.K. that will get finished in Cerakote by my friend at Drake Firearms, check him out if you're in the upstate of SC and need a deal on a gun or firearms finishing.



As the year ends I've got a few knives up and available for immediate purchase on the store. I will split my work load for 2017 and keep a few extra knives online, while I work on custom orders. Due to the increase in classes and other projects, leads times on custom knives for 2017 will be around 3-5 weeks from ordering for completion. 



Thanks everyone again a great 2016 and I hope you continue to follow along as I keep traveling along on this adventure.



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