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A post about knives and not much else..

Beer datmascus GFK GPK NoNameKnife OGK SPK WIP

Found this brew in Knoxville last week. Very good. The local beer selection here in SC is pretty awful. We have some good local breweries, but you can't find the beer in any store. The ABC stores are about useless as well.

PPE and the struggle.

Damascus S.P.K. in the works. This one gets some nice Koa scales.

No. 69, O.G.K. on the Swag table. Scales need shaped and then a etch.

No. 69, O.G.K. WIP Thread Here

The current run of knives is coming along. Been nice to get some time in the old shop, while getting the new one finished. From top to bottom; G.F.K. in O1 w/ black canvas micarta, O.G.K. in D2 w/ olive drab G10, No Name Knife in O1 w/ black G10.

Last week got a little shard of metal in my eyeball and the local urgent care didn't get it out. Been living with it for a week while waiting on a consult appointment with a local eye specialist, but that call never came so I headed to the ER on Sunday. Got me a numbed up eyeball that was attacked with Q-tips and finally a needle to shake that thing loose. This is where I'd say, "Make sure you wear your eye-pro!", but this one got me when I was taking my hoodie off after the day in the shop. So, "Shop vac everything, and keep your eyes closed when taking your hoodie off after grinding a few knives" is what I am going to say here.

The first of what I am calling the Gamez Fighting Knife (G.F.K.) till I come up with something better is nearing completion.

No Name Knife post etch.

No. 68, No Name Knife WIP Thread Here

O.G.K. post etch and awaiting sheath as well.

The current batch is ready for sheaths and sharpening.

Number 71 will be a S.P.K. in D2 tool steel. Not sure on the handle material yet.

No. 71, S.P.K. WIP Thread Here

No. 72, G.P.K. in D2 has begun, you can follow along by clicking the link below.

No. 72, G.P.K. WIP Thread Here

Scales are shaped and fitted of the Dammy SPK, then the blade etched before epoxying them on.

Got this one caught up to the others as well.

No. 70, Damascus S.P.K. WIP Thread

Some of these will be available on 12/23 on the website. Lots more are in the pipeline as well. Been busy with a number of projects here lately, but things are happening this week. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! If Christmas isn't your thing, then have a happy holiday and lets get ready for 2016!


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