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3 Knives and the Shop Build Continues!

Blacksmithing Bottle Openers DIY Shop Forged GPK OGK WIP

I was able to finish three of them last week. Made a little progress on the shop and also found time to enjoy myself a bit. Fall is here, so being in the shop is bearable but with the weather how it is... I don't want to be. It's Deer season!


Here is the blank for an OGK pre-grinds.

Here we are at post grinds to 220 grit, I think. I opted for a more subtle swedge on this one. D2 is a great steel, even though it is tough and eats belts. I am really digging working with it. More knives will be made of it in the future.
Shortened and a lanyard hole added to the traditional bottle openers I forge. I am working on another order of these, but will be adding some to the online store as well in the next week.
I managed to get these done in one setting. Two firepit cookers and the opener.
I love my Wilmont. The LB-1000 grinder is a great machine. I'll upgrade to a TAG at some point, but this thing is great.
G10 in bright orange for the GPK, this one is part of a Hate Project Charity Auction.
The fire pit is getting a lot of use this fall already! My son with his Bradshaw making wood chips.
Jack-O-Lanterns 2015. I doubt these will make it till Halloween, but that just means I get to carve more!
Riley Moore Falls in South Carolina.
Excellent hike, expect the the fact it's all up hill on the way out. Taxes the legs for sure, but worth it.
The pocket dump photo of the week.
Mail Call! Some Koa, Ink Line Maple, G10 and Phantasm II! Movie time!
Sheaths for the first two are done. One to go in this batch!
No. 63, Original Gamez Knife (O.G.K.)
No. 62, Gamez Patch Knife (G.P.K.)
Got my bow restrung and tuned, now it feels all funky. I am not a fan of the G5 peep I had installed. First set of arrows at 40yds. More practice is needed here. Not like I ahve a place to hunt this year, but gotta stay sharp.
The latest blank to be added to the queue.
Sheath haven't been my most favorite thing to do, but I feel like I am getting a lot better at them. More consistent and the knives fit better. I definitely prefer Boltaron over Kydex.
No. 61, Original Gamez Knife (O.G.K.)
The nights are cooling off more and more. The plants are still dropping a good number of peppers although the season is quickly coming to a close. Jam for 2015 is gone, but booster blend is still available.
The floor of the shop is framed! I've got to level it a bit and lay the deck, but progress is a good thing!
Hot chocolate over the fire. The cookers are a multi-use tool. Meat, cup, small pan or hang a pot. Get yours here: http://www.jgknives.com/collections/jg-tools/products/fire-pit-cooker

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