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Back to knives! Lots of knives and even some forging.

Blacksmithing Bottle Openers DIY Shop Forged GPK OGK WIP

 The weather has finally taken a turn for the good, so the grinder is going full speed.

This O.G.K. in D2 that is No. 61, is coming along nicely. 

All cleaned up and ready for scales.

I took time to offer up a forged Bottle Popper in the Prybars Facebook group this week. Check it out. Lots of good folks and great makers in there making some stellar pry's and bottle openers.

Finally. It's been 4 months since I've scored some billets. 1084 and 15N20, these will be knives here shortly. Umm, bacon.

OD G10 for this one. Subtle swedge for effect.

Scales getting shaped. On these I run them to 220 so they have a bit of grip to them.

Coffee break and sneak peak of the upcoming blanks for the next run.

This one is ready for a sheath and sharpen. No. 61, Original Gamez Knife (O.G.K.)

The "B" Side.

Fall is great, and can be even better with a cool beverage. 2parts cider, 1 part 100 proof corn whiskey and some ice..

Return of the Living Dead II, Woobie and Shine-N-Cider makes for a great afternoon. 

 The look ahead, once I find a band saw blade.

 Ah ha! The whats coming pile. From left to right.

BTK Chopper in O1*

OGK Mod. I in O1

Slicer in O1

BTK in O1

Slicer in Dat'mascus*

Slicer in Dat'mascus

SWK in O1

No Name Knife in O1*

SPK in D2

GPK in D2

GPK in O1

*spoken for.

 The forge is up and running!

 Fire pit cooker. I seriously make these things almost every time I get the forge going. Order yours here:


I've added G.P.K. for a Good Cause Auction. I have always tried to donate a portion of what I make to charity, but this cause called for a knife to auction off. Let the work begin! 

There is a lot happening right now, so stay tuned. I am working on a run of knives to restock the store and also taking on orders as well. The blog will be very active in the coming weeks. I appreciate all the support and hope everyone is enjoying following along.



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